Frequently Asked Questions

Who's eligible to access RecSports facilities?

Currently enrolled UT students and individuals with a current RecSports membership are eligible to access RecSports facilities. A limited number of RecSports memberships are available to individuals in the community age 18 and older; university affiliation is not required. Membership Services is located in Gregory Gym 2.200. The office is open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may reach membership staff by phone at 512.471.6370.

Can RecSports facilities be reserved?

UT departments and approved registered student organizations may reserve RecSports facilities for tournaments and special events. Experienced facility staff will help groups plan events by assisting with such details as designing room layout, completing the necessary work orders, understanding parking options, complying with university rules and regulations and more.

Are students and members allowed to bring a guest to the gym?

Currently enrolled students and some RecSports members are eligible to sponsor a guest to use RecSports facilities at a cost of $12 per day. Guest passes may be sold without a specified date, however, passes are non-transferable and non-refundable. The eligible sponsor must be present and must "sponsor" the guest as the guest enters the facility and both individuals must present valid photo IDs. Guest passes are available on-line.

If I've lost my ID card, can I still gain access to a RecSports facility?

Currently enrolled students and RecSports members who have lost or forgotten their RecSports ID or UT ID card may gain access to the facilities by presenting a different photo identification. This option is offered three times per semester. Once the three times have been utilized, the member will need to provide his/her RecSports ID card or UT ID card in order to access the facilities.

Can I let someone else use my UT ID to access the facilities or programs?

No, UT ID cards are non-transferable and may not be used by anyone else. Guests must purchase a guest pass (or membership) to use the facilities. In accordance with UT policy, staff will confiscate misused UT ID cards and they will not be returned. The warning "Check UT ID photo closely" will appear on the computer screen when the student scans in at RecSports facilities for six months. Additional sanctions may apply for program violations.

Misuse of a UT ID card and the Forgotten ID System in order to sneak someone into the facility without the proper purchase of a guest pass will result in confiscation of the UT ID, a warning message on the computer screen when the student scans in at RecSports facilities and a loss of forgotten ID system privileges for six months.

Are children allowed in the facilities?

Students and faculty/staff may purchase memberships for their children. Child memberships may require additional documentation.