2018 Student Survey

The 2018 UT RecSports Student Survey is the 18th assessment of students at The University of Texas at Austin. Beginning in 1980 and continuing every two years from 1986 to the present, this survey continues to provide administrators with essential information about the student population. The data collected is used as a foundation when making decisions regarding budgets, programs, services, and future initiatives. In addition, the survey provides valuable information over time that can be used to establish trends in the patterns, needs, and satisfaction of the campus community. Finally, the survey contributes to the department's goal setting process by providing data relative to the contribution RecSports makes to the primary mission of the University.

Why did I receive this survey?

A random sample of 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students were sent the 2018 UT RecSports Student Survey.

Are my responses anonymous?

Yes. We do not have any way of connecting a student to the responses they submit. 

Why should I complete this survey?

The responses we receive to this survey are essential in assisting RecSports administrators in making decisions about the programs, services, and facilities provided to the campus. 

Additional questions about this project can be directed to research@utrecsports.org.