Frequently Asked Questions

Adventure Trips

Do I need to have previous experience to participate on an Adventure Trip? 

No. Most all of our trips and clinics are designed for the beginner and do not require previous experience. If a trip does require some experience it will be noted. Additionally, each trip is rated for skill level and for physical exertion level. Please refer to the Trip Information Sheet for specifics.

Can I reserve a space on a trip and then pay later? 

No. Spaces on trips can only be reserved by turning in all required paperwork and paying in full. 

What if I don't have current health insurance coverage? 

All participants must be covered by medical insurance. UT students are eligible to purchase student health insurance coverage for special events at $5 per person per day.

Why are there priority registration periods for students to register for extended trips? 

While the UT Adventure Trip Program is open to anyone 18 and older, one of the main goals is to provide inexpensive outdoor recreation activities to UT students. It is for this reason that we provide priority registration periods to allow UT students first shot at all of the extended trips.

Climbing Wall

How do I access the Climbing Wall? 

Simply purchase a day or semester pass.

Where can I buy a semester pass? 

Semester passes for the Climbing Wall are available online or in GRE 2.204.

What does a semester pass include? 

A semester pass includes unlimited access to the Climbing Wall during operating hours for the entire semester and the opportunity to check out climbing shoes. This pass allows the participant to boulder only. It does not include top-roping.

Do I need to take a Skills Check or an Orientation Class before purchasing a pass? 

No. We no longer require you to complete a Skills Check or an Orientation prior to purchasing a day or semester pass.

When can I use the Wall for top-roping? 

Due to the size of the Climbing Wall, and based on a recent user survey, we have found that almost all of our semester pass holders utilize the Wall for bouldering. For this reason, and in order to make the Climbing Wall more accessible for more people, we will be limiting top-roping to special events, scheduled classes and designated top-rope programming.

I have a friend visiting for the weekend - can I bring them with me to climb? 

Yes. While they are not eligible to purchase a semester pass, day passes are available in GRE 2.204 or at the RecSports Online Store for $10. Please note that your guest will first need to have purchased a $12 guest pass (photo ID required) in order to gain access to Gregory Gym.

Can I reserve the Climbing Wall for a special event? 

Yes. The Climbing Wall is available for private events for both UT affiliated and non-UT affiliated groups. Fees vary with the number of participants, length and content of the event.

Outdoor Center

Who is eligible to rent equipment from the Outdoor Center?

Rental privileges are extended to UT students and faculty/staff with a current RecSports membership and valid UT ID card.

Where can I turn in my rented equipment if I can't make it to the Outdoor Center during operating hours? 

All equipment must be returned to the Outdoor Center. The Programs Office does not have the ability to check-in or hold any equipment.

What happens if it rains or I don't use the equipment I have rented? 

Unfortunately, we do not issue rain checks, and no credit or refund will be issued for items rented but not used or for early return.

Can I reserve equipment over the phone?

No. Reservations must be made in person at the Outdoor Center and full payment for the requested equipment must also be made at this time.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Cancellations made more than 5 business days in advance of the reservation date will be issued a full refund minus a $10 administrative fee, cancellations made within 3-5 business days will lose 50% of the total rental fee and cancellations made within 2 business days will result in 100% loss of the rental fee.

What happens if I turn my equipment in late?

For each piece of equipment that is turned in after 6:00pm on the due date, a late fee will be assessed. This late fee is equal to 1.5 times the daily rate per piece of rented equipment for each business day beyond the agreed upon return date.

What happens if I don't pay my late/lost/repair fees?

If fees are not paid upon equipment return, an e-mail notification will be sent indicating the total fees and a date due. If fees are not paid by that due date, a bar will be placed on your records and registration until your fees are paid in full.