• NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Photo of DylanI am an undergraduate Applied Movement Science major with hopes of starting physical therapy school within the next 3 years. I’ve trained for two years in Dallas, both as a trainer for 24 Hour Fitness and general manager at Fitness Reborn where I specialized in corrective exercise. I am currently leading a research team that is studying methods for improving posture, which may prevent serious back and hip injuries with age. My methods: I believe that to get fit, you have to live fitness. This means giving me 100% during our sessions as well as proper nutrition, hydration, and recovery. I was a college cheerleader, so I love to be high energy! With these four things and my “cheery” support, you can achieve your goal. I enjoy long walks on the beach, as long as it’s after an interval cardio run. I identify with Dale Horvath of The Walking Dead because I strive to be the calm voice of reason - but I’ll hand out some tough love to Andrea to help her back on her feet. Also, I am most like the Red Power Ranger.

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