Jinhang “Nikki”

Photo of JinhangSince my teenage years, I have always struggled with weight management. My weight fluctuated very easily. In 2016, I have made the determination to take control of my fitness and started diving into fitness from nutrition, mobility, strength, muscular endurance to Aerobic endurance. In 2017, I’ve set a goal to run my first Spartan race. The sense of achievement of shifting from “I cannot climb the rope” to “That was easy for me” is incredible. Not only I’ve gotten leaner and stronger with my athletic abilities, my mental growth of becoming more confident and fearless is the most gain.

If I can achieve my fitness goals, so can you. I can understand and relate to people’s struggles in fitness from my own experience. I live by the quote “I succeed by lifting others.”

I look forward to working with and empowering my clients by teaching them about nutrition and how to work out correctly in a scientific way.