• Cooper Institute Certified
  • CPR/AED/First Aid 

Photo of StaceyWhat is fitness to you? Such a small word has infinite possibilities, dependent on what you wish to accomplish. Regardless of your current level of health, your goals are as unique as you are! Think about it - everyone's genome is different - so why shouldn't your workout be special to you as well? Whether you want the muscular endurance to bust out 30-40 push-ups, or would like to not feel winded climbing stairs, I can help. Our focus is entirely up to you. I will create programming that improves your everyday life, building upon whatever foundational fitness level you already possess. 

My favorite ways to train are with body weight, a small collection of free weights, bands, cables, and medicine balls. Functional training with bilateral and unilateral movements, taking you through the various planes of motion that are used on a daily basis. It may seem surprising, but sometimes the simplest of moves when broken down can be the most challenging - not to mention rewarding - in terms of teaching you just what your body is capable of achieving. I offer dedicated instruction, combined with a fun and effective workout for any need. I enjoy working with all fitness levels, from those just starting out, to the seasoned exerciser. Whatever your definition of fitness is, let's explore it together!

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