Thomas W. Dison Endowed Scholarship

The Thomas W. Dison Endowed Scholarship was established by René Garza and Michael Carnes, both former student employees at the Division of Recreational Sports. René and Michael recognize the value of their experience working with RecSports during the time they spent on campus and formed this award to benefit the students who continue to work with the Division. The scholarship honors Mr. Tom Dison for his dedication to the University and its students and for always setting a positive and motivating example to others. Tom has served as director of the Division of Recreational Sports since 1988.

Special thanks to the friends listed below for their generous gifts.

Barbara A. Brimi in Memory of Carolyn Hewatt
Natalie E. Butler
John G. Campbell
Michael M. Carnes
William R. Childs, Ph.D.
Duke Covert
Ana R. Dison
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Dison
Emerson Charitable Trust
Chelsea L. Fosse
René Garza
Bob Gerrie
Brian J. Haley
Lisa C. Henken-Ramirez in Memory of Stanley W. Dison
IBM International Foundation
S. Shannon Janes
Dean and Sharon Justice in Memory of Stanley W. Dison
Annie Holand Miller
Holly Myers
Mrs. Wayne Myers
Mary K. Naranjo
James and Tany Norwood
Chelsea F. Rajagopalan
Keshav Rajagopalan
Danielle R. Rugoff in Memory of Stanley W. Dison
Zev Shulkin
Lisa B. Sparks in Memory of Stanley W. Dison
Grant R. Stanis
Ronnie, Julie, Justin, Mandy and Kyle Stein in Memory of Stanley W. Dison
Rita F. Thornton
Michael Adam Windle

Scholarship Recipients
Year Recipient Recipient
2019 Belen Gutierrez Christina Mihova
2018 Dominykus Bytautas Jessica Wilczek
2017 Kelly McComas Victoria Garabedian
2016 Masie Comen Stewart Holloway
2015 Abby Haywood Rachel Schutte
2014 LJ Jones Krista Seaman
2013 Stephanie Wang Chloe Sanchez
2012 Caitlyn Leal

Travis “Cole” Cappel

2011 Major Latin

Eric Swanson

2010 Ellen Campbell Browne

Abraham Na


Shanky Balani

Joanna Thaler


Carolina Canavati

Chance Young


Beth Johnson

Ryan Rupert


Leigh Darilek

Katie Kunkel