Eligibility, Policies, & Guidelines

Who’s Eligible to Play Intramurals?
  • Currently enrolled UT students
  • UT faculty/staff with a current RecSports membership
  • Special policies exist for NCAA athletes and UT Sport Club participants

Eligibility Policies

Team Sports
  • Every team must have a designated team captain
  • Team Captains select the league, day and time their team will play using a first come, first served system
  • Entry fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. If a University Department is paying for the team registration fee, an IDT Authorization Form must be submitted before registration can take place. Once the form completed and signed by the authorized signer for the account, please submit it to the RecSports Programs Office (GRE 2.204), where you will register your team in person. 
  • RecSports reserves the right to edit all team names
  • Players can play for one team in each division (some sports have more divisions than others)
Divisions of Play
  • Men = Orange, White, Greek Council, Graduate
  • Coed = Coed, Graduate
  • Women = Women, Sorority
  • Specialty = May exist in some sports (such as 6 Foot and Under in basketball)
Competition Levels
  • A = Highly skilled/competitive
  • B = Moderately skilled/competitive
  • C = Fun/recreational
  • Most leagues play Sundays through Thursdays
  • Each team or individual plays in a round robin league
  • When pool play ends, single elimination playoffs begin
  • Most tournament play occurs on weekends over two or three days
  • Teams or individuals compete in pool play and advance to elimination play
  • Men’s, women’s and co-ed divisions are typically offered
Special Events
  • Take place during one scheduled day of activity
  • Men’s and women’s divisions are typically offered
Sportsmanship Policy
  • All participants must abide by the University of Texas at Austin Honor Code and the Intramural Sportsmanship Policy
  • Teams and individuals are subject to disciplinary action based on behaviors displayed before, during and after intramural contests (including social media interaction, emails and texts)

Sportsmanship Policy

Appeals Process
  • Most eligibility, sportsmanship, and game situations can be appealed
  • Strict deadlines exist for different types of appeals (pre-season, next business day, pre-playoffs, etc.)

Appeals Process