Outdoor Basketball

  • The tournament will be played at the Wright Whitaker Sports Complex (WWF).
  • Players may play for one team only. 
  • Roster additions will be available starting on the 13th class day of the semester.
Divisions Offered
  • Men's
  • Women's

Playoff Qualifying Policies

  • The top 2 teams from each pool will qualify for elimination play.
  • Players must participate in at least one pool play game to be eligible for elimination play.
Eligibility Exceptions
  • Current and former collegiate basketball players from any university are not eligible.
  • Current University of Texas intercollegiate athletes in any sport other than basketball must submit an appeal to participate in this tournament.
Rules of Play
  • Teams play 5 on 5 (minimum 4 players to start).
  • Roster limit is 15.
  • Teams are strongly encouraged to provide their own jerseys or t-shirts for each game.
  • Team shirts should be a matching color and must have a number on at least one side (no duplicate numbers).
  • Jerseys are available for checkout on each court. However, the same jerseys are used for all of the games on that court each night.

Outdoor Basketball Rules

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