Frequently Asked Questions

Why is RecSports going cashless? Over the past few years, less than two percent of RecSports transactions have been paid by cash or check. This trend indicates that the vast majority of patrons use or prefer other payment options. Also, by eliminating cash handling, RecSports will be able to operate more efficiently and offer new payment options. Beginning August 15, 2019, all puchases will be completed online and cash and checks will no longer be accepted. 

Why are the changes being made now? In today’s world, most consumers routinely do their banking, shopping and bill payments online, often with recurring monthly payments. RecSports is updating its payment system to more closely align with today’s standard business practices.

What new payment option is available? UT Students and RecSports members may now pay monthly for their membership, locker and towel service, as well as TeXercise and Climbing Wall passes. RecSports uses, an approved payment merchant. Customers can securely add and manage their payment information directly with the credit card merchant.  RecSports systems and staff will never have access to your credit card number. 

If I authorize a recurring credit or debit card purchase for my 2019-20 membership and items between April and August, when will my first monthly payment be charged?  Your first monthly payment will be charged to the card on file on September 1, 2019.  Your card will continue to be charged on the first day of each month unless you cancel. 

What do I do if I am retiring?  If you are retiring on or before August 31, 2019, you will not be eligible to renew at the UT Faculty/Staff rate for 2019-20. To be eligible for the retired rate you will need to have officially retired from UT.  Once officially retired, click here to renew. 

Can I still pay for my membership with a one-time payment?  Yes, you may pay for the fiscal year in one lump sum payment using your credit or debit card. Your credit card will be charged for the full amount on the day of the purchase.  

Can UT Faculty and Staff still use payroll deduction as a payment option? Yes, UT Faculty and Staff with a 12-month salary spread and UT Staff with a 12-month appointments may authorize payroll deduction for their monthly items. 

If I authorize payroll deduction for my renewal when will my first deduction occur? If you authorize payroll deduction for your membership renewal by August 14, 2019, your first deduction will be reflected on your September 1, 2019 paycheck. 

Why is the Recreational Sports payroll deduction post-tax and not pre-tax? The payroll deductions for RecSports memberships and items have always been post-tax.  RecSports memberships and items cannot be pre-tax. This deduction does not qualify for pre-tax under the Internal Revenue Code.

Will I be notified when my credit card is charged? Yes! An automated message will be sent to the email address on file regarding the monthly recurring payment.

What happens if the credit card I am using is lost or stolen? Please log in and remove the lost or stolen card information. Once you receive your new card, log-on to the system and enter the new information for your recurring payments.   

What happens when my card is about to expire? You will receive an email notification. You will then be able to log in and update your card information.  

What happens if my card is declined?  You will receive an email notification.  You will then be able to log in and enter another card to be charged. 

Can I purchase a membership for my Plus1 (formerly known as a sponsored member)? Yes, your Plus1 is part of your membership record. You may pay for that person’s transaction or they can log in and make their own purchase.

Can I purchase a membership for my minor child? Yes, your minor child is part of your membership record. You must purchase and pay for their membership and items. 

What if I cannot remember my EID (electronic ID) and/or password? Your EID can be found under your name on your RecSports ID card. Click here to obtain EID and password help.