Whitaker Courts History

Whitaker Tennis Courts

With the opening of Gregory Gym in 1930, the tennis courts were located just south of Brackenridge Dorm adjacent to the land designated for intramural sports. These courts served men’s intramurals and beginning in 1938, men’s physical training classes. Improvements were made over the years while the courts remained in their original location. The women played on their own courts next to Anna Hiss Gym. With the construction of Jester, the fields moved to 51st and Guadalupe in 1967 while the tennis courts remained on campus even as Jester opened in the fall of 1969. New courts were constructed at the 51st and Guadalupe location and intramural tennis, after missing a year on the Intramural calendar, resumed play in spring 1971. Eventually, all 40 courts were lighted at the new site.

Whitaker Courts

In 2016 – as part of the renovation of Whitaker Fields – one bank of tennis courts was repurposed into four outdoor basketball courts with additional lines for pickleball. Because of these additions – the facility was renamed Whitaker Courts.