Intramural Sports

About Intramural Sports

The Intramural Sports Program provides competitive and recreational sport leagues, tournaments and special events for all students, regardless of skill level. These activities foster leadership, sportsmanship and education.

Eligibility, Policies & Guidelines

Fall 2019 Schedule

Registration opens Monday, August 26, 2019. 

Team Sport Leagues Registration Closes Play Begins Fee
Sand Volleyball September 16 September 22 $75
7 on 7 Soccer September 16 September 22 $120
Ultimate September 16 September 23 $90
Dodgeball September 23 September 30 $90
Flag Football September 30 October 6 $120
Volleyball October 7 October 14 $120
Basketball October 28 November 3 $90
11 on 11 Soccer October 28 November 3 $90
Tournaments Registration Closes Play Dates Fee
Tennis Singles September 16 September 23 - October 31 $15
3 on 3 Soccer September 23 September 27 - September 28 $50
Corn Hole September 30 October 6 - October 31 $20
Golf Singles Match Play September 30 October 7 - October 31 $60
Racquetball Singles October 14 October 21- November 26 $15
Badminton Singles November 4 November 8 $10
3 on 3 Basketball November 11 November 15 $50
Special Events Registration Closes Play Date Fee
Billiards September 30 October 7 $10
Golf Classic October 11 October 18 $60
Swim Meet November 7 November 14 $15
E-Sports November 11 November 18 - November 19  $10
Bowling November 18 November 22 $20
Table Tennis Singles December 2 December 4 $10


Special Events


Looking for Sport Clubs?

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Club: Aikido

A system of self-defense based on relaxed coordination of mind and body, rather than strength.


Club: Archery

Offers students an opportunity to learn the sport of archery, providing them with the proper equipment and practice space.


Club: Badminton

Club members ranging from beginners to advanced participate in various tournaments throughout Texas and beyond.

Ballroom Dance

Club: Ballroom Dance

Provides an opportunity to learn and improve the art of ballroom dancing in a lively social atmosphere.


Club: Baseball

Competitive club that travels and hosts games against other university baseball clubs across the country.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Club: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Dedicated to providing quality on-campus Jiu Jitsu instruction to students, faculty, and staff in a safe and fun environment. The club offers both Gi and NoGi training.


Club: Crew

A nationally competitive co-ed rowing club consisting of novice and varsity teams that compete at various competitions throughout the country.


Club: Cycling

Competitive club consisting of a mountain bike team and a road bike team that compete on a local and national level during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Dance Team

Club: Dance Team

The University's representative at national dance competitions and local performances.


Club: Fencing

Devoted to learning, teaching, and developing the art of fencing using three different weapons: epee, foil and sabre.

Field Hockey

Club: Field Hockey

Co-ed club for all skill levels that competes locally and regionally. The club encourages competition and camaraderie through practices, competition, and social events.


Club: Golf

Fun but competitive golf team representing The University of Texas at Austin. We play in regional and national tournaments.


Club: Gymnastics

Co-ed competitive organization open to all skill levels with instruction offered to beginners. Competes at the state and national level.


Club: Handball

Competitive and recreational club offering local, state, and regional tournament play.

Ice Hockey

Club: Ice Hockey

Competitive club hosting and traveling to other collegiate ice hockey clubs across the region and country.

ITF Taekwondo

Club: ITF Taekwondo

This club offers weekly practices, optional competitions, and seminars by nationally recognized experts.


Club: Judo

Offers training in attacks and defenses for all skill levels with the opportunity to compete in several tournaments during the year.


Club: Kendo

A form of sword fighting utilizing protective armor and bamboo swords.

Lacrosse - Men’s

Club: Lacrosse - Men’s

Competitive club that competes in the Lone Star Alliance against other teams in the state as well as nationwide.

Lacrosse - Women’s

Club: Lacrosse - Women’s

Competitive club that competes regionally as well as nationally against other women's lacrosse clubs.


Club: Powerlifting

Competitive powerlifting team consisting of squat, bench, and deadlift competitions.


Club: Quidditch

Recreational and competitive club that both instructs and competes on the regional and national level.


Club: Racquetball

Recreational and competitive club that travels across the state and country competing on a national level.

Rock Climbing

Club: Rock Climbing

Representing UT, team members practice up to four days a week and receive climbing instruction.

Rugby - Men’s

Club: Rugby - Men’s

Competes at the state and national level against other rugby clubs.

Rugby - Women’s

Club: Rugby - Women’s

Competes at the state and national level against other women's rugby clubs.

Running Club

Club: Running Club

While promoting health and fitness through recreational running, the club trains together and races competitively.

Sailing Club

Club: Sailing Club

Provides an organized sailing program with the purpose of improving the sailing ability of any member and promoting recreational sailing.

Sailing Team

Club: Sailing Team

Nationally competitive club with the goal of expanding the love and knowledge of competitive sailing throughout The University and conference at large.

Soccer - Men’s

Club: Soccer - Men’s

Competes in the Texas Collegiate Soccer League against various schools throughout the region and country.

Soccer - Women’s

Club: Soccer - Women’s

An organization committed to promoting personal growth and soccer skill development among students.

Table Tennis

Club: Table Tennis

Organizes table tennis enthusiasts in a way that allows them to enjoy competition in a relaxed setting.


Club: Tennis

Brings together all levels of players to practice and compete against other university clubs.

Texas Taekwondo

Club: Texas Taekwondo

Provides an environment to enlighten body and mind through the study and practice of Taekwondo and self-defense.

Trap and Skeet

Club: Trap and Skeet

Focusing on skeet, trap, sporting clays and five stand.


Club: Triathlon

Club for triathlon enthusiasts promoting group workouts and competition against other collegiate clubs.

Ultimate - Men’s

Club: Ultimate - Men’s

A nationally competitive club consisting of teams, TUFF and Graze.

Ultimate - Women’s

Club: Ultimate - Women’s

Consists of a competitive team and a developing team that strive to promote competition in a team environment.

Volleyball - Men’s

Club: Volleyball - Men’s

Competitive club participating in tournaments with schools from Texas and across the country.

Volleyball - Women’s

Club: Volleyball - Women’s

Consists of two teams competiting in regional and national tournaments.


Club: Wakeboard

UT Wake is both a club and competitive team centered around wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

Water Polo - Men’s

Club: Water Polo - Men’s

Competitive club that participates in regional and national events.

Water Polo - Women’s

Club: Water Polo - Women’s

Competitive club that participates in regional and national events.

Water Ski

Club: Water Ski

Competes in regional and national tournaments in three-event water skiing.


Club: Wrestling

Organization competing against wrestling clubs across the region and country.


Club: Wushu

Exercises based in contemporary Wushu involving stretching and rigorous drills to improve flexibility, endurance, and speed.