Meet Our Personal Trainers

  • Training since 2010
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACSM Group Exercise Instructor
  • USA Track and Field Certified Coach
  • Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Certified Running Coach
  • Certified Nike Training Club Instructor
  • Certified Spinning Instructor

From Anthony: My primary goal is to help you achieve and enjoy the benefits of fitness. I will always make you feel welcome and valued while listening to your goals, concerns and motivations.

After reviewing your current physical condition, I will design the best program for you to achieve results. Then I will motivate and push you during each exercise session and help you have a good time in the process. Athletes, non-athletes, beginner or advanced -- whatever your athletic level is -- I want to help make a difference in your life. Schedule your next personal training session with me today!

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • ACE Certified Senior Fitness Specialist
  • CPR/First Aid

From Shannon: I have over 25 years’ experience in the dance and fitness industry. This includes performing professionally in dance as well as competing at the National Aerobic Championship. This has fueled a long and fulfilling career of teaching and training in dance and fitness.

Our bodies are beautifully complex and are created to do amazing things. I am passionate about developing individual plans that allow you to meet your personal fitness goals and add to your quality of life outside the gym through functional training inside the gym. It is my pure joy to enable clients to be productive and successful with each workout, leaving the gym feeling pleasantly exhausted and proud of their accomplishment.

Continuing Education Courses and Training Workshops are paramount to providing clients the most current and cutting-edge research in fitness. I am committed to sharpening my knowledge as the health industry continually evolves and advances. It is fascinating to explore new and developing ideas in the health/fitness industry and integrate them into my practice.

I work with clients of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their short and long-term fitness goals. Whether you are training for a specific athletic event, social occasion or simply want to enjoy some playtime with the grandkids, your goals are important and valuable.

What I give my clients is what I also ask from them—a dedication and desire to work hard to reach and exceed their personal health and fitness goals.

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • USA FIT Certified Running Coach
  • Certified Risk Assessment Manager
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Certification

About Linda: Linda is a certified personal trainer through NASM who enjoys the art of fitness. She coordinates a local boot camp in her community and is always amazed at how people become receptive to exercise by simply being exposed to it. Linda has run over 17 marathons and over 15 half marathons. She enjoys working with students and assisting them in reaching their academic pursuits as much as she enjoys helping people reach their personal fitness goals. Linda maintains that including an exercise regimen into one’s lifestyle helps to offset various chronic diseases. She loves working with all populations and welcomes anyone that’s willing to put in the time to achieve their fitness goals.

  • Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Youth Exercise Specialist
  • Silver Sneakers Group Instructor
  • ARC CPR/AED/First Aid

From Leslie: As a life-long athlete, I have always been interested in health and fitness.  I began playing sports at a very young age and continued throughout college, playing basketball at The University of Texas at Dallas.  I still continue to play basketball in local leagues as well as participate in a host of other sports and fitness related activities.  In 2017, I decided to really test my limits and backpack the John Muir Trail in California.  I hiked over 220 miles in 23 days, summiting 11 mountains.  The trail changed me for the better and I can now pass along the knowledge and grit I gained to whomever I train. I’ve been a certified personal trainer since December 2008.  I wanted to share my love of sports and wellness with others.  Each workout regime is tailored to the individual’s specific needs, helping them to reach their ultimate fitness goals.  But most importantly, I want my clients to have fun with their fitness journey.  We only have one mind to think with and one body to live in.  I would like the opportunity to help you strengthen both.

  • B.S. The University of Texas at Austin (Kinesiology)
  • ACE Personal Trainer
  • ACE Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist
  • Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Certified Running Coach
  • SCW Certified Weight Management Consultant
  • SCW Certified Group Exercise Instructor
  • YogaFit Yoga Instructor
  • Water Safety Instructor
  • AHA CPR/AED/First Aid

From Helen: I have completed over 50 marathons and I am also a tri-athlete.  I believe that everyone can be physically fit.  I have been involved in fitness since I was 17 years old.  As a trainer I enjoy motivating others and helping them reach their fitness goals. I work with all populations; students through elderly.  My knowledge is diverse in that I employ group exercise techniques, endurance training techniques, and traditional strength and conditioning techniques in training my clients.

I am interested in training individuals who are willing to work hard and who are serious about their fitness goals.  I like to help clients accomplish those goals in a safe and effective way.

  • M.Ed. The University of Texas at Austin (Kinesiology - Clinical Exercise Physiology)
  • B.S. Penn State (Kinesiology & Movement Science) 
  • B.S. Penn State (Nutritional Sciences) 
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)
  • Licensed Dietitian (LD), State of Texas
  • Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD), Commission on Dietetic Registration
  • Board Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management (CSOWM)

From Joey: Train for a purpose, train to live, but don't live to train. Fitness is about maximizing your functional capacity at all ages and fitness levels. Discipline, knowledge, purpose and motivation are keys to results (and I can help you work on these too!). I hope to build my clients' competence in their ability to workout for their personal goals and according to the current recommendations for general fitness. Building competence in your training methods builds self-esteem and exercise adherence. I value muscular strength, cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, balance, agility, body composition, and muscular endurance, and I can help you reach those goals if you are motivated to modify your exercise program and eating habits.  As a registered dietitian nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and personal trainer, I view exercise and nutrition as the best preventative medicine available and am very goal-oriented in my approach to training. I also believe that everyone's body has natural limits, and these should be respected as overtraining is not necessary to get results! Each workout should count toward a purpose rather than being a routine.  I also believe maintenance is a valid goal!

I have extensive life experience in swimming competitively through the start of college and I played water polo through high school. Since retiring from swimming, I have dabbled in gymnastics, distance running (half marathon) and sprints, mountain biking, as well as strength lifting.

I welcome all types of clients. I have trained clients up to age 72 and those with multiple medical conditions (and will coordinate with healthcare if desired) as well as younger clients who would like to improve their fitness. I personally enjoy knowing the physiology behind training and nutrition, so I hope to be educational if you have health, fitness, and nutrition questions. Some common goals include: tone up, gain muscle, gain strength, get faster, become more flexible, increase your VO2 max, last longer running, learn to swim or improve your swimming ability, improve specific aspects of your blood lipid profile and blood pressure, lose weight, improve blood sugar sensitivity of muscle, improve bone density, prevent falls, have more energy and recover faster, reduce body fat, or be able to eat more calories each day.  I specialize in knowing and teaching how specific types of exercise and/or nutrition habits affect your goals.

  • B.S. in Movement and Sports Science, Purdue University

From Rylen: Make your health a priority. The world of fitness is always changing and so can you. I obtained my B.S. from Purdue University in 2016 with a major in Movement and Sports Science. Since then, I’ve gained over 2 years of personal training and 1 year of physical therapy experience. Through this journey, I have worked with a verydiverse clientele.  More often than not, gyms and fitness facilities have inherited an intimidation factor to those who are unfamiliar with personal wellness and fitness. To step out of one’s comfort zone is not the easiest task. With my help, I will share demonstration, knowledge, and empathy to each and every one of my clients. It is my pleasure to not only help you attain your fitness goals but assist you in becoming confident and independent in the gym!

  • M.S. The University of Texas at Austin (Kinesiology)
  • M.Ed. University of Minnesota (Kinesiology)
  • CSCCa Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

About Sam: Sam has worked as a personal trainer and strength coach in college, university, and private settings since 2010. Over the past six years, he has developed a specialty in teaching individuals with a wide range of experience and ability levels to exercise effectively and safely. Previous clients include students, faculty and staff, collegiate athletes, and individuals with a range of injuries and special needs. He has designed programs for and trained collegiate athletes at The University of Texas, the University of Minnesota, Carleton College, and St. Olaf College.

Sam is currently a doctoral student in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (Physical Education) at The University of Texas at Austin. His research helps understand and improve the education of collegiate strength and conditioning coaches.

Training specialties: general fitness and weight loss, athletic performance training, weight training, kettlebell training, functional fitness, movement correction, and injury prevention.

  • M.A. The University of Texas at Austin (Exercise Physiology)
  • ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • Concept 2 Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor
  • Mad Dogg Athletics Certified Spinning Instructor
  • TRX Suspension Training Certification
  • TRX Functional Training Certification
  • ARC CPR/AED/First Aid

From Lynne: After spending years in sedentary high tech jobs, I went back to school to earn a Master’s in Exercise Physiology. I remained at UT and ran an exercise physiology and metabolism research lab where we studied the effects of sports drinks, supplements, and regular foods such as Wheaties and chocolate milk on exercise performance, body composition, and metabolism. The best part of my job was talking to a wide range of participants, from sedentary people to super-stud athletes, about the relationship of their diet and exercise habits to their body composition. 

I use my research and personal experiences to encourage my clients to explore different types of training, embrace their body type, and have fun. I know what it’s like to be sitting at a desk all day and how it can negatively affect your body alignment, mobility and overall health. Depending upon your goals, we can combine cardio, weight training, core and mobility exercises. Whether you are a first-time exerciser who wants to get started, or a long-time athlete who needs some new ideas, I’m ready to help you!

  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • W.I.T.S. Certified Personal Trainer
  • W.I.T.S. Instructor for Gym/Practical Lab
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Certified

From Carl: I have been active in my own health and fitness for over 40 years and I have been helping others increase their health and fitness for over 10 years. As a personal trainer, the question that I am asked most commonly usually starts with “how can I do this or that?” Overtime, I became better at answering these type of questions more accurately by getting a sense of “why” the person desires to do whatever they are asking me about. 

From our first conversation and all subsequent conversations, I am interested in getting to know the reasons why my client want to pursue their goal.  After all, for me, this is indeed the “personal” in personal training.  Achieving health and fitness goals can be difficult and challenging.  I endeavor to be sensitive to my clients’ challenges by remembering and being humbled by my own.  I help my client overcome their challenges by making sure that they know that I am committed to their success and by reminding them of the reasons “why” they are pursuing their goal.  

I get a sense of accomplishment and professional satisfaction when I help my client achieve their health and fitness goal.  This is the major reasons why I became a personal trainer. 

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • 200 Hour Power Vinyasa Yoga Training
  • 300 Hour Yoga Therapy Training
  • CPR/AED and First Aid

From Rachel: My journey in fitness began in childhood with team sports. During college, I explored a range of exercise modalities, and I continued to be active in different forms of movement throughout my two pregnancies and in the postpartum recovery. To this day, variety continues to be the spice of life in my personal fitness and wellness. I have taught group yoga classes since 2009 and am presently pursuing the 800 hour Yoga Therapist certification through the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). I love the intuitive, holistic approach of yoga, as well as the evidence-based methods of fitness.

As a trainer, I draw on both to create for my clients personalized sessions that move toward their goals effectively and efficiently. As a wellness professional, I have seen that the way we view our bodies and what we do with them has ripple effects across all planes of our being, and there is nothing more rewarding in my work than to see how caring for the body can bring about positive change in other aspects of life too. I view my role as a guide and encourager for my clients. I want them to thrive, and by providing the proper tools, I hope to see them empowered to take charge of their own wellness. 

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR/First Aid

From Kaedyn: As a life long sports competitor, with multiple races under my belt, I have always pushed to achieve my own goals through fitness & nutrition. After 13 years as a chef, and a new found drive as a Certified Personal Trainer, I'm here to help you achieve your goals too.