Sport Clubs Overview

About Sport Clubs

The Sport Club program consists of registered student organizations that make up the University of Texas Sport Club Association (UTSCA). Each club offers students the opportunity to pursue a higher degree of participation with a group of individuals interested in the same level and type of activity. The UTSCA promotes student participation in a wide variety of physical and athletic activities, contributes to the development of student leadership and provides a bond between individual clubs.

Each club is formed, developed, governed and administered by the student membership of the club working in conjunction with RecSports. While RecSports assists in the development and growth of each club, the emphasis of the program is on student leadership and involvement. The existence of each sport club and the UTSCA is dependent upon student interest and participation.

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Looking for Intramural Sports?

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3 on 3 Basketball

IM: 3 on 3 Basketball

The convenience of pick-up basketball with the intensity of intramural competition! This half-court tournament is played up to 15 in a winner-take-all format.

3 on 3 Soccer

IM: 3 on 3 Soccer

Combine the convenience of pick-up soccer with the intensity of intramural competition!

4 on 4 Flag Football

IM: 4 on 4 Flag Football

This modified version of an intramural staple will definitely provide you with a true test of your skills. 4 on 4 flag football is fast-paced and unorthodox, and will force you to think outside the box.

4 on 4 Volleyball

IM: 4 on 4 Volleyball

Short on players during the Volleyball season? You only need four players for this coed tournament!

5 on 5 Ultimate

IM: 5 on 5 Ultimate

You throw a disc better than a ball? Sign up for this 7-player league in men’s or coed leagues.


IM: Basketball

Tired of officiating your own pick-up games? This league offers officiated, 5-on-5 games with four weeks of regular season play plus more if you advance to playoffs. Men’s, women’s, and coed leagues offered.


IM: Billiards

8-ball or 9-ball - you choose! Register for this tournament to assess your skills as you compete with the best on campus.


IM: Dodgeball

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. This 6-on-6 coed team tournament gives you the chance to show off your dodging skills while knocking out the competition.

Flag Football

IM: Flag Football

Are you a Sunday armchair quarterback or a Fantasy Football guru? This 7-on-7 team sport has a league for everyone. Men’s, women’s, and coed leagues offered!


IM: Golf

Looking to channel your inner Jordan Speith? Sign up with a friend for this doubles scramble tournament!

Golf Match Play

IM: Golf Match Play

New for Fall 2016!


IM: Handball

Use your hands in this indoor court game that is similar to racquetball.

Indoor Soccer

IM: Indoor Soccer

A fast-paced version of the outdoor game – played inside to avoid that unpredictable Texas weather.


IM: Kickball

Drop the bats and gloves and use your feet on the diamond in this classic backyard sport.

March Bracket Madness

IM: March Bracket Madness

Bragging rights (and an Intramural champion t-shirt) are on the line. Compete against others on campus to see who’s the expert in college hoops!


IM: Racquetball

If you're looking for singles or doubles action on campus - we've got you covered.

Racquetball Doubles

IM: Racquetball Doubles

Racquetball is a racquet sport played with a hollow rubber ball on an indoor court. The court’s walls, floor, and ceiling are legal playing surfaces so swing away! If you’re looking for exciting racquetball action on campus, we’ve got you covered.

Racquetball Singles

IM: Racquetball Singles

If you're looking for exciting racquetball action on campus - we've got you covered.

Rock Climbing

IM: Rock Climbing

Are you really good at climbing trees? Or are you a seasoned bouldering veteran? Either way, sign up for this tournament hosted at the GRE climbing wall. Men and women’s divisions offered.

Sand Volleyball

IM: Sand Volleyball

Bump, set, and spike your way to a championship with our newest sport for Fall 2016!


IM: Soccer

Take the field with friends to compete in an intense 11 on 11 Premier league or some high-scoring 7 on 7 action! Men’s, women's, and coed leagues offered.


IM: Softball

Nothing like some slow pitch softball to get that confidence back. This team sport consisting of ten players on each side compete for glory. Men’s, women’s, and coed leagues offered!


IM: Spikeball

Fun, fast, and exciting new sport. Practice gear available for rent at the Outdoor Center!

Swim Meet

IM: Swim Meet

Faster in water than you are on land? Compete individually or with a team at the Texas Swim Center.

Table Tennis

IM: Table Tennis

The more official version of Ping-Pong. Compete against the best on campus in men’s, women’s, or coed brackets.

Team Tennis

IM: Team Tennis

Pick a partner and use the alleys in this coed league.

Tennis Doubles

IM: Tennis Doubles

Relive those high school days on the court and compete for intramural glory. Men’s, women’s, and coed leagues offered!

Tennis Singles

IM: Tennis Singles

Re-live those high school days on the court and compete for intramural glory. Men’s and women’s leagues offered.

Track Meet

IM: Track Meet

Think you’re fast? Prove it in this intramural tournament held at the Mike A. Meyers Stadium. Events include long jump, shot-put, sprints and much more!


IM: Ultimate

You throw a disc better than a ball?! Sign up for this 7-player league offering men’s and coed teams.


IM: Volleyball

Bump, set, and spike your way into the Intramural history books in this 6-on-6 team sport. Men’s, women’s, and coed leagues offered!

Water Volleyball

IM: Water Volleyball

Escape the brutal Texas heat by playing some 6-on-6 coed water volleyball in our awesome event pool.