Team Rosters

  • All participants must be added to the online roster before they are eligible to participate.
  • Participants may not be added to a roster prior to their game at the activity site (no exceptions).
  • Please remember that each player may only participate on one team per division.
  • Players may play for only one total team in some limited entry tournaments (i.e. Texas Cup Soccer, Spring Flag Football). See the event page for each specific tournament for more details.
  • Different skills levels (indicated by A, B or C) do not indicate different divisions.
Roster Submission Deadlines
  • If you play Sunday - Add by Thursday at Midnight
  • If you play Monday - Add by Sunday at Midnight
  • If you play Tuesday - Add by Monday at Midnight
  • If you play Wednesday - Add by Tuesday at Midnight
  • If you play Thursday - Add by Wednesday at Midnight
  • If you play Friday - Add by Thursday at Midnight
To Add a Player to a Roster
  1. Click the link below.
  2. Enter the player's valid UT EID.
  3. Select the appropriate gender.
To Remove a Player From a Roster
  • If it is before the first day of play for the season captains can remove players from their roster online.
  • After play has started the only way to remove a player from a roster is for the player to come in to the Programs Office (GRE 2.204).
  • Players can not be removed if they have already participated for their team.
Roster Submission Troubleshooting

Errors or problems can occur if:

  • You enter an invalid UT EID.
  • The student is not currently enrolled.
  • The faculty/staff player is not a current member of RecSports.
  • The player is already on a team in that division.
  • In the summer - a student does not have an interim student summer RecSports membership.

Online Roster Submission