UTSCA Council

What is the UTSCA Council?

The UTSCA Council is group of nine sport club leaders who are selected to be a part of the advisory council to the Sport Club program. This group of students is selected from club members that demonstrate exemplary leadership in the realm of teamwork, communication, decision-making, critical and creative thinking, and reliability. 

What exactly does the Council do?

The Council supports the Assistant Director and Associate Director of Sport Clubs by recommending changes to the Representatives Handbook, planning special events, evaluating aspiring student organizations who would like to become a sport club, and assisting in determining annual sport club allocations. Moreover, there are many other areas the Council can choose to focus on throughout the year.

Who is on the Council?

Individuals serving on the Council are members of various clubs involved in the UTSCA. The make-up of the Council represents the program – so we are inclusive towards the different philosophies and perspectives by involving members from different sport clubs.

What is the time commitment for serving on the Council?

Typically, we meet 1-2 hours once or twice a month, but during the budget season we meet more frequently.

Why should I apply?

We utilize our strongest leaders by selecting them to serve on the Council, and those individuals help improve the program. If you want to advance your leadership experiences we strongly encourage you to apply.

2017-2018 UTSCA Council
Photo of UTSCA Council Members

Front row (from left): Jack Khoo, Domenica Sutherland, Ashley Olson, Madeleine Buxton

Back row (from left): Mickala Oakes, Nathan Hallier, Yousef Saleh, Jacob Watson, Mica Kohl