Mark L. Hart, Jr. Endowed Scholarship

The Mark L. Hart Jr. Endowed Scholarship was established to honor the life and legacy of a great intramural athlete and outstanding student. A member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity and the Texas Cowboys, Mark proved himself a force to be reckoned with in football, softball, volleyball and track. Not only did he quarterback the Kappa Sigs and the legendary Legal Eagles to a number of victories, he was also named to All-Intramural teams eleven times. Mark earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration, graduated with honors from the UT School of Law and served as associate editor of the Texas Law Review. Later in life, he became a founder of the Kelly Hart and Hallman firm.

Special thanks to the friends listed below for their generous gifts.

Frank A. Bailey III
Sid R. Bass
F. Richard Bernasek
S. Benton Cantey V
The William C. Perry and Paul A. Nelson Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of North Texas
Billie J. Ellis, Jr.
Terry Gardner
Gardner Aldrich LLP
George E. Glober, Jr.
Robert C. Grable
William P. Hallman
Mark L. Hart III
David T. Hedges, Jr.
Calvin Jackson
Dee Kelly, Jr.
Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP
Carter Llewellyn
Anne & John Marion
Mr. and Mrs. Foster Nelson
Lesa B. Oudt
Rainwater Charitable Foundation - Richard Rainwater
Andy Rogers
Dan Settle, Jr.
Ben H. Sheppard, Jr.
Larry Sikes
Ford Smith, Sr.
Nancy & John Snyder Foundation
Dee Steer
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Stevenson
Charles H. Still
Frank Van Court

Scholarship Recipients
Year Recipient Recipient
2019 Thomas Anthony Janna Remperas
2018 Brian Castelli Sebastian Munoz
2017 Kari Whitmarsh Samantha Finkenstaedt
2016 Mary Kate Hoffman Amadeus Miranda
2015 Jaime Schultz Sara Beirne
2014 Larissa Zelezniak Samantha Gonzales
2013 Ranny Tang Shereen Ahmad

Brittany Caporale

Gregory Hodges


Erin Baroni

Elizabeth Bouldin


Marisa Cantu

Carlos Rodriguez